WingLights Compatibility and Installation

Winglights are compatible with straight handlebars (flat bars) and handlebars with curvature up to 30°. They were not designed to be compatible with drop bars, bullhorn handlebars and cruiser bars.

WingLights compatibility | CYCL
WingLights compatibility | CYCL
WingLights compatibility | CYCL
WingLights compatibility | CYCL

Installing your WingLights or DropLights is easy!

  • If you handlebars are covered with a grip, this will need to be removed to fit WingLights. For DropLights you will need to remove bar end plugs.
  • Slightly tighten the nut at the end of the WingLights in order to compress the rubber ring then insert WingLights into the handlebar hollows.
  • If the fit is too loose, remove the light and tighten the nut more. Otherwise, if there is enough friction, tighten the head 3 full rotations to ensure a secure fit.
  • With 360 Mag and v3 Mag - insert the mounters first (as described above) and then screw in the magnetic top. Rotate clockwise until you feel that the threads are aligned, once they are aligned perform a half rotation, leaving no gap between the mounter and indicator. 

Battery Replacement

WingLights POP and DropLights

  • Remove the WingLights or DropLights from the handlebars and unscrew the nut and remove the rubber ring. 
  • Pull the dome away from the plastic base and remove the internal housing structure from the dome. 
  • Lift the PCB to expose the battery case, remove the old battery pack and replace. Dispose of old batteries properly by recycling. 
  • Reassemble the product. 

WingLights 360 Fixed and Mag

  • Remove the WingLights from handlebars and unscrew the indicator base.
  • Use Micro-USB cable (included) to charge. 
  • Screw back on tightly before mounting. 

WingLights v3 Fixed and Mag

  • Remove the WingLights from the handlebars and unscrew the indicator base. 
  • Remove the used batteries from the plastic case and dispose properly by recycling. 
  • Insert the new batteries in the plastic case and screw the top and base back together. 

Indicator Activation

WingLights Fixed and Mag v3

  • Unscrew the indicator base and remove the insulation pad. Screw back on to activate.

Installation Videos

WingLights 360

Winglights V3 Mag & Fixed

Still stuck or having problems?

Send us an email at and we will be happy to provide further assistance.

Please note: If your handlebars are covered by grips, you will need to make space for the mounters to be fitted by cutting off the grips. Do not do this if you are under the age of 18.

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