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FaceGuard Pollution Scarf Technical Data

An anti-pollution filter and scarf in one, the CYCL FaceGuard Pollution Scarf provides protection from smog, dust, and allergens whilst keeping your neck warm, capturing 99.5% of PM 0.1 (particulate matter). That means it can help protect you and your family from pollution, CO2 and NO2 fumes, allergies to pet dander and pollen and other harmful airborne contaminants.

Technical Data

Our Pollution Scarf (Face Guard) uses Respilon® 57 filter. 

The Filter:

Respilon®57 is a 4 layered textile laminate fabric composed of: 

  1. SB Polyprophylene Spunbond
  2. MB polypropylene Meltblown
  3. NV Nanofibers layer
  4. SB Polyprophylene Spunbond

CYCL Pollution Scarf Face Guard uses Respilon® 57 filter.
Nanofibers have been used as a performance layer in industrial air filtration for many years. The electro-spinning process creates a very fine, continuous and resilient fiber of 0.2-0.3 micro in diameter, that forms a web that can collect dust, dirt and contaminants on the surface of the filter. 
With correct handling and usage, using a mask with a nanofiber filtering membrane can help you feel more confident. The nanofiber membrane in the FaceGuard is Respilon® 57  - developed by Respilon®. It consists of a layer of nanofiber filtering membrane and an extra fine layer of polypropylene melt blown sandwiched by two layers of polypropylene spunbound. 
The manufacture of polypropylene spunbound results in a consistent web of materials with uniform fibre distribution and high tensile strengthen. Polypropylene undergoes a laminating process - making penetration of fluids and bacteria more difficult. Polypropylene meltblown on the other hand, has relatively weak tensile properties however, it has smaller fibres and a larger surface area taken up by the fibres so therefore has excellent wicking and barrier properties. Together they can create a strong product which offers a barrier to fluids and particles.

Respilon®57 Filter Test Results (by Nelson Labs)

 Technical Parameter Reading Unit Testing Method
Area Weight 60 g/m2
Bacterial filtration efficiency 99.9 % ASTM F2100
Viral filtration efficiency 99.9 % ASTM F2100 EN 14683
Breathability 44

ΔP (Pa/cm2)

ASTM F2100 EN 14684
Skin Irritability 0


EN ISO 10993-1


Further results are available in Protocol NR. VFE 668204, BFE 666318, Nelson Laboratories, USA.

 What are you protected from?

Protection of CYCL FaceGuard Pollution Scarf

Further information:

We encourage you to follow the fitting and washing instructions found in our FAQs and on the product packaging to ensure the best protection efficiency, if you have any questions email us on
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