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WingLights FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What are WingLights?
WingLights are direction indicators for bicycles. They attach quickly and easily via the hollow space found in most handlebars. WingLights are lightweight, waterproof, shockproof, and designed to promote a long battery life. The direction indicators for bikes are easy to install, simple to use, and provide an invaluable service to cyclists of all levels.

What are WingLights for?
WingLights serve the same purpose as indicators do on cars: they alert cars, other bicycles and pedestrians of where and when a cyclist is due to turn.

How are WingLights activated?
WingLights are turned on and off by simply pressing the buttons positioned on the ends of the device. They turn off automatically after 45 seconds to prevent power wastage.

How do WingLights attach to the handlebars?
Most WingLights are anchored in the hollow space found in handlebars of bicycles.
E-scooters usually have a crescent shaped handlebar and WingLights may require an adapter to be mounted.
For specific information on how to install your WingLights check out our video guides and our installation pages.

What size handle bars do WingLights fit?
Most versions of our WingLights come with standard mounts which will fit into handlebars with an inner diameter of 14.9 to 22.0 mm.
WingLights nExt and Wired only fit handlebars with diameter of 22.0 mm.

Can I install the WingLights mounts myself?
Yes! WingLights installation is quick and easy. The process takes under ten minutes and can be done at home. For a comprehensive guide check out our instructional videos and our installation pages.
The only product that requires a professional installation are the WingLights Wired.

Are WingLights suitable for any handlebars?
Our current WingLights models are designed for straight (sometimes referred to as flat) handlebars and curved handlebars with a maximum curvature of 30°. They are not designed to be compatible with drop bars, bullhorn handlebars, or cruise bars.
For the drop bars have developed our WingLights DropLights that act as red (steady or flashing) position lights.

Can I use WingLights on Brompton folding bikes?
Of course! We do, however, recommend buying WingLights Mag as these WingLights can be detached and safely stored on a keyring.

Are WingLights suitable for e-scooters?
Yes! We recommend using our WingLights E-scooter Adaptor for the best fit and pairing it with the WingLights 360 Fixed or Mag so you have the added benefit of sidelights (white = forward facing, red = rear facing) lights as well indicators. The permanent sidelight function available on the 360 models means the width of your scooter will be highlighted in low light or in the dark.
In alternative our most powerful solution are the WingLights nExt that do not need adaptors, are hyper-bright and meet higher standards (UN Regulations 148 - Certification as front (E11) and rear (E12) indicators.

Can I use WingLights with twist shifters?
Yes - WingLights can be installed on bicycles with side-mounted shifters.

Shall I continue to use hand signals if I am using WingLights?
The purpose of WingLights is to support and reinforce hand signals, not to replace them. Cycling laws vary from country to country, and because of this we strongly advise customers to research their country’s signalling and light regulations if they’re otherwise unsure.

Are WingLights respecting every legal requirement?
Yes! WingLights are designed to satisfy all current rules and regulations, and are manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner.

Whats the difference between WingLights v1,v2 and v3?
We have now released the 3rd version of Winglights Fixed and WingLights Mag. The 3rd version of both models is more visible to motorists and has a longer battery life thanks to the use of brighter and more energy efficient orange LEDs and an orange-tinted transparent shield instead of white LEDs and an orange shield. Furthermore, WingLights Mag v3 are guaranteed to stay firmly in place when traveling on rough/bumpy surfaces thanks to our new screw-in mounting system.

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