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WingLights - About

What are WingLights?

WingLights are turn signals and position lights that fit into the ends of handlebars on bicycles, e-bikes and e-scooters. They have been designed to emphasize the direction intentions of the rider as well as help improve the visibility of the rider to other road users. As crashes between cyclists and other road users are more likely to occur in low light conditions (Asgarzadeh et al., 2018) WingLights are particularly useful in low light and darkness.

How do they work?

With one tap, WingLights emit a bright flashing amber light - making the riders’ turning intentions clear to other road users. WingLights 360 also have a permanent position light function: red light rear facing, white light front facing - which can be turned on by holding down the button until they turn on and adjusting to the correct position. This position and signal lighting system is similar to other vehicles and builds on existing relationships between other road users.

Brunel University recently carried out a study that showed increased caution in approach by drivers when handlebar lights were used to show the presence of a bicycle (Bishop, Broadbent, Sachdeva & Patel, 2020) meaning WingLights should actively help increase visibility to other road users.

Should I use still hand signals?

Whilst WingLights are not meant to replace hand signals on bicycles, they can be useful for beginner or unconfident cyclists, giving them an extra level of security knowing their turning intentions are explicit to other road users.

What about e-scooters?

WingLights offer a solution to handsfree signalling on e-scooters - when removing a hand from the handlebars could result in becoming unbalanced. Whilst the rider may feel confident maneuvering through traffic and checking for external dangers - other road users may be unused to the presence of e-scooters on roads or cycle lanes and changing direction without signalling may increase the risk of accidents. WingLights turn signals can help address this issue.

The position lighting system on e-scooters tends to have the rear facing lights on the main body of the scooter and at a lower than eye level relative to other vehicles. Using the permanent position lighting system on the WingLights 360 can improve all round visibility as well as eliciting a more cautious approach from behind.

Which WingLights should I choose?

We have a range of WingLights to suit all budgets and needs. All WingLights are designed to fit bicycles or e-scooters with straight (flat bars) handlebars or with a curvature up to 30º. If the handlebars are covered with grips these will need to be removed so the mounters can be fitted. WingLights fit into the round hollows of the handlebars - the diameter should be 14.7mm to 23mm.

Some e-scooters made by manufacturers such as Xiaomi and Ninebot require an adaptor to ensure the correct fit.

DropLights have been designed for drop bar bicycles.

You can find a comparative table at this link.  Continue reading for more information about every single model.

WingLights POP

For more casual or young cyclists, the WingLights POP are affordable and made from hard wearing plastic. They have a brightness of 14 lumens powered by 3 extra bright power efficient orange LEDs per indicator and use batteries with a lifespan of 5 months depending on usage.


Mag or Fixed version?

With Mag lights, the mounters are directly screwed into the handlebars and then the Mag lights magnetically attach and then screw in. This allows them to be easily removed and stored if on the go or leaving your bike or scooter outside. Once removed, they magnetically attach themselves to each other to form a compact keyring on a carabiner clip so they can be easily carried around.

Our Fixed lights are designed to stay in the handlebars once mounted (they are only removed when the battery needs to be changed or recharged). This is useful if you store your bicycle or e-scooter inside, don’t mind keeping your WingLights constantly mounted and don’t tend to lend your bicycle or e-scooter against a wall.


360 or v3 version?

Our Fixed lights are turn signal lights only. They are powered by 48 lumens from 2 extra bright power efficient orange LED Lights per indicator. Fixed lights are powered by batteries with a lifespan of around 5 months depending on usage.

Our 360 lights do what the Fixed versions do and also come with the permanent position light function: a white front facing light and a red rear facing light. In addition to the amber lights they also have 10 lumens red and 10 lumens white LEDs per indicator. 360 lights are USB rechargeable and have a lifespan of 3 weeks per charge depending on usage. They charge in 30 minutes.



DropLights are position lights for drop bar bicycles. The body is made from high quality plastic along with a transparent rubber shield. They have two functions - a permanent red light or flashing and have 14 lumens powered by 3 LEDs per indicator. DropLights are powered by batteries and have a lifespan of 3 months depending on usage.

WingLights DropLights turn signals and position lights for drop bar bicycle | CYCL

WingLights 360 Installation video

If you have any questions or issues with your WingLights please contact us on

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