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About CYCL

CYCL is a Dragons’ Den back company on a mission for safer and greener urban mobility. Passionate about getting more people around on two wheels, we create bicycle and electric scooter accessories that help you feel safer, more confident and visible when riding.

We created WingLights, indicators that fit into the end of bicycle or e-scooter handlebars, making direction intentions clear to other road users and increasing all round visibility. We have sold over 500,000 units in over 30 countries! Join the WingLights revolution and Shine Bright Like a WingLight!

Our product range includes a range of accessories that promote better visibility and help you feel more confident when you ride your bicycle or electric scooter, including our innovative Air Filtering Scarf with inbuilt washable nanofiber filter, Red Lock and highly visible backpack cover.

Founded in 2014 by Luca Amaduzzi, who first came up with the idea for bicycle indicators after experiencing the danger of London’s traffic from a cyclists’ perspective. Along with childhood friend and PhD student Agostino Stilli, Luca began designing the first WingLights model.

Man on a bicycle in the dark with WingLights turn signals and position lights on


My first few years in London I cycled everywhere and regularly I experienced being ignored and nearly hit by motorists. Frustrated, I looked for a solution. What I found was a large gap in the market. On one side there were hand signals: archaic, destabilising in nature, and at times downright dangerous. On the other side there was a range of cheaply made indicators, complicated in installation and illogical in design. With my close friend and engineer Agostino Stilli about designing high-quality direction indicators for bikes. From there, WingLights were born.” – Luca Amaduzzi

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