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Electric scooter in front of murals

5 reasons you should buy an Electric Scooter

Whether you’re sick of public transport, want a less intensive alternative to a bicycle or just want a nippy way to get around — electric scooters are a great mode of transport. And with electric scooter technology changing rapidly, more and more models are hitting the market, so you won’t be short on choices. But why choose a scooter? Not only are electric scooters a quick way to get around, they are a great alternative to noisy motor vehicles with heavy carbon emissions. What's more, they increase accessibility and mobility for people with health issues and despite a higher upfront cost they have relatively low maintenance costs long term.

Man with helmet on electric scooter

1. The Environmental Benefit

It’s common knowledge that motors = emissions. 

Electric scooters use a small amount of electricity and don’t emit emissions which is better for air quality in our cities. More scooters (and bicycles and walkers!) on our roads mean less carbon into the air from cars and motor vehicles and a step towards carbon neutrality - better for our planet and its people. 

While there are some emissions related to the production and electricity used to charge the scooter, it is a small fraction in comparison to other motorised vehicles. Another great reason to invest in an electric scooter is a reduction in noise pollution compared to other motor powered modes of transport.

2. Great Alternative Way to Travel

Put off by public transport? Don’t fancy doing cardio on the commute? An electric scooter can get you from A to B quickly and efficiently. In many cases they don’t require the same permits or investment as motorcycles or mopeds, meaning they are relatively cost effective in comparison. 

Electric scooters are really convenient depending on where you are using them. They don’t require putting on any specialist clothing (don’t forget your helmet though!) so you can start your journey in seconds and be on your way. Plus they are very easy to learn how to ride. 

Many people use their scooter for their “last mile” while on their commute. Since many models are relatively light and compact when folded down, you can get to a bus or train station quicker than on foot or by car, cutting down your commute and giving you back some time!

Teenager on electric scooter


3. Balance and movement

While you may not burn the same amount of calories as a push bike and a scooter ride is no replacement for a workout, you are still getting your body moving and getting some fresh air. You’ll have to activate your core and work on your balance to keep steady on your scooter. 

E-scooters also offer a way to get around for people with mobility issues due to health that may not be able to walk, cycle or drive.

4. Low operating costs 

While there is a relatively high initial upfront cost, electric scooters are also quite cheap to operate, run and maintain compared to other vehicles. Furthermore, using an electric scooter for short distances may be cheaper than taking public transport in some cases. A lot of issues with e-scooters can be fixed quite easily so compared to cars and motorbikes, the costs of repairs are low. Depending on your country’s rules, you may not need the same sort of tax or insurance that a car or motorbike would need either - further driving down operating costs. 

In fact, WIRED estimates that the cost of powering an e-scooter is as little as one percent of the cost of running a car. Electric scooters cost around USD $2.93 per year to power 5 miles (8km) of daily transport.

Electric scooter in front of murals

5. Fun!

Riding an electric scooter can be a lot of fun, once you’ve mastered basic control and balance and have the right safety equipment, the city is yours (up to the max range of course!) See the sights from a different perspective and check out some places you might not usually get to see if you were on a bus or in a car.
Enjoy the ride!

Ready to get your electric scooter? Read our Electric Scooter Buying Guide for more help on how to pick your perfect scooter partner. Or check out our Top 10 Electric Scooter Accessories You Can't Live Without

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