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Men rides electric scooters

10 electric scooter accessories you can't live without

Electric scooters are the hot new thing in highly populated cities all around the world. People enjoy the efficiency and freedom that e-scooters provide. This boom in electric scooters has brought along with it many conversations about appropriate gear and accessories that not only provide safety to the user, but also allow people to enjoy their transportation even more.

Here is our list of 10 Electric Scooter Accessories You Can’t Live Without.

1. Reflective Gear

CYCL recognizes the importance of wearing reflective gear if you are riding after dusk. Therefore, we recommend some sort of reflective gear, whether that is a reflective vest, jacket, pants, or backpack. A reflective vest, provides all round visibility from all angles.Therefore, you will be highly visible to cars and other road users. What is also great about a reflective vest, is the convenience. All you have to do is slide the vest over your clothes, and you are set up to ensure safety on your ride! 

Don’t fancy a high visibility vest? Try high visibility or fluorescent bag or backpack covers and other similar accessories. They give you the benefits of high visibility without having to wear a full vest.

Man on bicycle wears reflective orange jacket

Reflective Gear We Recommend:
Nox Gear Tracer 360 Visibility Vest 
Nueby Sleeveless Vest 
CYCL - High Visibility Backpack Cover
Dooy Reflection Vest
WOSAWE Cycling Vest
CYCL- High Visibility Backpack Cover

    2. Gloves

    Do you live somewhere where you may have chilly mornings, or even evenings? We highly recommend investing in a pair of gloves while riding your e-scooter, as you are having to hold onto the handlebars throughout your whole ride. There are no specific gloves that you need to look for, however, we suggest that you find a warm pair that will also give you a solid grip on the handlebars. 

    Man on a scooter wearing gloves

    Gloves We Recommend:
    Chrome Industries Cycling Gloves
    Weston Store Heated Gloves
    CXW Cycling Gloves
    Boildeg Cycling Gloves

      3. Phone Holder

      You may need to use your phone to navigate whilst riding your e-scooter. Keep it in place with a sturdy phone holder to ensure your phone stays firmly in place as you ride. For safety reasons, we suggest you do not use your phone while riding, however, it is important to keep your phone safe and nearby in case of an emergency. 

      Man mount a smartphone on phone holder
      Phone Holders We Recommend:
      CYCL Rider Phone Holder 
      CYCL Rider Phone Holder

        4. Lock

        If you are leaving your e-scooter outside or unattended it’s essential to have a lock to ensure your electric scooter will stay protected. There are many locks including disc locks (that lock directly onto the wheel), U-Locks and safety cables. We highly recommend a combination of all three to act as a deterrent as well as protection for your e-scooter.

        Locked bycicle

        Electric Scooter Locks We Recommend:
        Zoro U Lock
        U-Lock With Safety Cable
        Disc lock
        Via Velo U Lock
        Kryptonite U Lock
        Disc Break Lock 

        5. Front and Rear Lights

        It is vital that people can also see you from both the front and the back while driving your e-scooter. While most e-scooters come with lights, you may want to buy additional lighting to ensure you can see and be seen to oncoming traffic and approaching on the streets and sidewalks.

        Electric scooter front light

        Front and Rear Lights We Recommend:
        Light and Motion Lights
        Rechargeable Bright Rear Light
        Front and Rear Lights
        TEMINIC USB Rechargeable Lights 

        6. Helmet

        A helmet is absolutely essential when you are taking on the streets, as it protects you from potential fatal accidents. We tell riders to NEVER hop on the scooter unless you are wearing your helmet. We recommend sparing no expense when getting a quality helmet, do not just get the cheapest one. If you are keeping speeds relatively low and scootering around the city you may prefer to use a bicycle helmet. However, if you are going to be cranking up the speed to anything above 24 - 32 kmph, invest in a motorcycle helmet to give you that extra amount of safety that could save your life. If you get one thing out of this list, MAKE SURE TO GET YOURSELF A GOOD HELMET

        Two women on electric scooter wears helmet
        Helmets we Recommend:
        Explore Thousand Helmet 
        Bern Helmets
        Mongoose Helmet
        YEMA Motobike Helmet

          7. Eye Protection

          Trust me, catching a bug to the face when riding around on your e-scooter is the LAST thing you want. Goggles, glasses, or any other piece of eye protection can all but eliminate that possibility when riding from A to B. Investing in any sort of eye protection will do, as long as it keeps the bugs out of your eyes.

          Woman on ebike glasses

          Eye Protection We Recommend:
          Motorcycle Goggles
          Smith and Wesson Safety Glasses 
          HONCENMAX Goggles

          Ashilun Googles

          8. Tire Sealant 

          If your e-scooter has pneumatic (air-filled) tyres, there will come a time that you will need to use tyre sealant. Don’t let punctures slow you down!

          Man on stairs transports folding electric scooter


            9. Bell

            Another affordable addition to your e-scooter we recommend, is a bell. A bell is super useful when you are riding on the sidewalks and you want to politely get the attention of any pedestrians to warn them of your presence. We believe it is much more effective to warn pedestrians with a bell, rather than use your voice, as it may startle others trying to enjoy their walk, run, etc. 

            Men rides electric scooters

            Bells We Recommend:
            Yungeln Bell

              10. Winglights 360

              WingLights are indicators and position lights that fit into the handlebars of your e-scooter. With one touch, WingLights flash bright amber signalling your intention to turn and prevent potentially dangerous situations. WingLights 360 also have a permanent always-on position light feature with white forward facing lights and red rear facing lights to enhance all round 360º visibility whilst riding. Since the rear lights on e-scooters are the bottom of the body there are often difficult for other road users to see. With WingLights 360 the lights are positioned close to other road users’ line of vision and therefore will help improve the riders’ visibility making their presence known.

              Explore the WingLights Collection 

              WingLights Turn Signals for Electric Scooters

              You might also enjoy reading about CYCL Electric Scooter Buying Guide and Five Ways WingLights Can Help You Signal on an E-Scooter.

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