Can the FaceGuard Pollution Scarf protect me from viruses such as influenza?

The FaceGuard does not belong to the equipment for the medical or professional use that would be certified by official standards, but it helps shield against airborne particles. Nanofiber filter masks usually belong to a one-time equipment category. Because its filter is covered by special textile layer, it is more durable in terms of wear and care and therefore is able to be washed.

The FaceGuard Pollution Scarf can provide guaranteed virus protection before washing. After washing it will still protect you but there will be some reduced effectiveness. For protection against viruses it is necessary to wash it after every single use. For protection from pollution, the scarf can be washed and you can still enjoy high levels of protection. We recommend up to 50 washes, naturally there will be some decline in effectiveness as you approach the end of the life of the product. Always hand wash without using aggressive substances like softener or bleach and refer to our care instructions found in the FAQs more more guidance.

The FaceGuard Pollution Scarf can be a cheaper and more eco friendly option than single use face masks. In addition, we recommend to stick to the basic principles of hygiene: washing hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds and using antibacterial gels when soap and water is not available. Avoid touching your face and eyes during times of flu or similar infectious disease. Avoiding places where there is a possibility of getting infected.

If you want to wear the FaceGuard continuously, we recommend getting two, while you are wearing one, the other one is being washed or drying out.

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