WingLights Magnetic

Made of robust and shockproof aluminium, WingLights are perfect for your urban commuting where your bike may experience a bit of wear and tear. The 100% waterproof lights magnetically attach to mounting units that you insert into your bar ends. They are easy to install and use, forming a cool keyring on a karabiner that you can clip onto your belt, keys or bag for storage.

WingLights Fixed

With their slick, subtle design, WingLights Fixed were designed with the daily urban commuter in mind. They stay firmly attached inside your handlebar ends and with their waterproof construct are tough enough to endure any weather conditions when left attached to your bike.

WingLights Pop

This brand-new version of our WingLights are lighter and smaller than other existing WingLights models. For more casual riders, WingLights Pop are perfect as they remain
waterproof and robust at a lower price.

RearViz SL-15

The Slim Line RearViz is lightweight and half the size of the Sports and Classic styles, making it suitable for riders with slimmer arms. 

Great idea. Visible during both day and night. Easy to use. Only works with straight handlebars.

Jon Behring / Verified Purchase

great product works well on my bike and very good delivery and very easy to fix to my bike.

Amazon Customer / Verified Purchase

These are good indicators and other road users can see me signalling at front and rear.

Alex Mills / Verified Purchase