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Red Lock Installation Guide

The CYCL Red Lock is a mini U-Lock made from hardened steel casing with rubber coat for use with bicycles, electric scooters and mopeds. 

Make sure the Red Lock is a mini lock that is easy to transport, ensure that the dimensions will fit your bicycle or e-scooter: 
Inner locking area: 65mm
Length: 150mm 


Red Lock Dimensions
Use the keys to lock and unlock the Red Lock.
Red Lock Opening Instructions
There are several different ways to install the mount onto your bicycle. Use the screws and mount provided to attach to your bicycle frame, helping you to carry the lock safely while riding:
Red Lock Mounting Options
There are several ways to use the Red Lock to secure your bicycle. You can use the Red Lock as the main lock (using the security cable included as an added deterrent), or with another lock around the bike rack, the Red Lock can be used as added security around the wheel to make riding the bicycle difficult. If you are using the Red Lock as the main lock, ensure you lock around the bicycle's frame (not just the wheel!) to a bike rack or locking post. 
Red Lock Bicycle Options
When locking your e-scooter - you can use the Red Lock to lock the e-scooter to a rack or locking post or as a lock around the wheel to ensure someone can't ride the scooter away. 
Red Lock E-Scooter Options
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