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What are the rules for indicators on electric scooters in Italy?

What are the rules for indicators on electric scooters in Italy?

Indicators on scooters: analysis of the law and the solutions offered to the Italian market

Thanks to the Italian legislative text approved on 9 November 2021 and subsequently amended by the "Milleproroghe" decree approved on 17 February, from 1 October 2022 all electric scooters marketed in Italy must be equipped with indicators and brake lights on both wheels. For scooters already in circulation on that date, the obligation is to comply by 1 January 2024.

This article analyses the decree by answering the following questions: who does it impact, how to adapt and the solutions offered by CYCL.

Two People Riding E-Scooters in a City

Who does it impact?

By the wording 'marketed E-scooters' the regulatory text refers to those who want to sell or distribute the scooter, so the law requires these categories of companies that from 1 October 2022 scooters must be sold with turn indicators.

For E-scooters already in circulation on that date, the obligation of the owners to comply by 1 January 2024.

What do 'indicators and brake lights on both wheels' mean? 

The legislator's aim is to make electric scooter drivers as safe as possible, so these vehicles must be visible both to those in front of them and to those in the rear of the vehicle. The law requires that when the driver brakes or decides to turn, their direction intentions must be clearly visible to other road users.

Our solution to the new Italian laws

Currently, there are direction indicators on the market that perform only one of two functions, so they are either positioned to be visible at the front of the scooter or at the rear. Thanks to the design of the WingLights, CYCL's direction indicators and permanent position lights fit directly into the handlebars of the e-scooter. This means that the driver's turning decision is visible to both the front and rear of the vehicle with just one product.

This dual function is guaranteed thanks to 2 elements: The positioning of the lights: being installed at the end of the handlebar - they are visible outside the driver's silhouette. And the internal double LED: each WingLights is composed of 2 bright amber LEDs, one to be visible at the front and one for the rear.

WingLights 360 also have a position light function - red rear-facing and white front-facing, meaning the width of the rider can be seen from all angles and adding to the overall visibility of the rider. 

Close Up of Position Lights for Escooter | WingLights | CYCL

We have been selling WingLights since 2015 and are passionate about getting more people on two wheels and feeling safe and visible while riding. 

CYCL offers various turn signal solutions for both electric scooters already on the market and scooters in production. We offer WingLights to retrofit existing e-scooters to be compliant with the new indicators/turn signals laws. For electric scooters with round hollow handlebars, WingLights will fit directly into the handlebars. For electric scooters with crescent-shaped hollow handlebars, an adaptor is required which we sell. 

We can also offer fleet options if you are looking to make your fleets or e-scooters in production compliant to turn signal laws and can accommodate mass orders.

For the product catalogue or to find out more, write to us at and we will be happy to get back to you as soon as possible.


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