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Top Six Reasons An E-Bike is the Best Way to Commute

Top Six Reasons An E-Bike is the Best Way to Commute

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could ease our own commutes and reduce carbon emissions at the same time? A shift toward more environmentally friendly commuting is an obvious win-win, but how can we do it? For the best reasons you should make the switch to green transportation, see this article.


  • Show up to work as clean as can be!
  • Riding a bike to work is one of my favorite things to do- but there’s only one problem- riding a bike takes quite a bit of work, and the last thing anyone wants to do is show up before their shift looking sweaty! With E-Bikes being able to assist riders and make you do less work pedaling, you can still cruise to work without risking those lethal sweat stains.

  • E-Bikes are great for group commutes
  • Carpooling has become a staple of American commuting- it’s good for the environment by lowering carbon emissions, and it lets co-workers gab about the day ahead! But for an even eco-friendlier experience, e-biking is a great alternative to carpooling to start the day off right. With the gears of an e-bike allowing individuals to control how much assistance they get, co-workers of different speeds will be able to bike at the same pace together- which is just like carpooling, only more fun!

  • It’s hard to stay active during work hours!
  • The average American spends nearly 12 hours in a sitting position every single day- and being so sedentary on a regular basis can have real negative effects on someone’s mental and physical health. Fresh air and active movement is great for your mind and body- especially if you work a nine hour desk job! Riding an e-bike to work instead of driving will make you feel relaxed, refreshed, and ready for the day ahead.

    Electric Bike

  • An E-Bike offers great flexibility compared to the average ride
  • There’s often quite a disparity between riding a bike to work versus driving- biking feels better for the body and is better for the environment, but a car is significantly faster and requires less effort. Thankfully, an e-bike serves as a happy medium to both of these options, offering the environmental benefits of a bike with the high speed availability of a car (an e-bike does not go as fast as a car, but can go significantly faster than a traditional bike!)

  • Save money and the environment!
  • The average American spends approximately $250 on gas per month- that’s around $3000 per year! A large part of that gas bill is coming from the gas it takes to get to and from work, which ends up straight in the Earth’s atmosphere. With an e-bike, not only are you cutting back on your gas bill and saving money, but with less emissions coming from your car, you’re helping the environment in a major way!

  • It’s fun!
  • To close out this list, I felt it was appropriate to bring up the best reason you should consider an e-bike as your means of commute- it’s a great time! It allows you a high speed, low effort ride that’s great for the environment- there’s no better way to turn your commute into something you look forward to every morning than by buying an e-bike!

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