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Five Tips to Make the Most of Your E-Bike Commute

Five Tips to Make the Most of Your E-Bike Commute

E-Biking is the new wave of modern commuting. A happy medium between driving and riding a traditional bike, e-bikes are fun, safe, and environmentally conscious. This article is for anyone who wants to get the most out of their e-bike commute — whether you’re riding a regular old pedal bike that you’ve retrofitted with an electric motor, or one of the new breed of electric bikes that have been designed from the ground up as a clean and green way to travel.

  • Have water on hand!
  • One of the best advantages of commuting on an e-bike compared to a traditional bike is that the e-bike can give you an added boost, making it less likely for you to show up to work all sweaty. But don’t be fooled- you can still work up quite the sweat on an e-bike, so to avoid bringing those dreaded sweat stains into the office, make sure you have an easily accessible water bottle. Drinking water will keep you hydrated and lower your body temperature, which reduces the risk of sweat!

  • Bring friends, and make it a bike-pool!
  • Carpooling is a common occurrence in American commuting- it’s good for the environment as it lowers carbon emissions, and it lets co-workers gab about the day ahead. For a more fun and an eco-friendlier experience, e-biking is a great alternative to carpooling to start the day off right. With the gears of an e-bike allowing individuals to control how much assistance they get, co-workers of different speeds will be able to bike at the same pace together- which is just like carpooling, only more fun!

  • Keep your bike fully charged!
  • An e-bike, just like a phone, has a battery life- and my biggest fear in both cases is that my battery will run out when I need it most! Having your battery run out of charge mid-commute would be quite a predicament, as it forces you to do all the work yourself for the rest of the way! To prevent this from happening, and to make the most of your commute, charge your bike once you return home and make sure you have a full battery before leaving every morning.

  • Look out for your city’s bike safety measures!
  • With bike commuting becoming increasingly common, cities have adapted their urban layout to be more accommodating to bikers, opening up additional bike lanes, bike paths, and even bikeshare programs! To make the most of your e-bike commute, check to see if there are any bike paths or alternative, bike-friendly routes that your city has put in place that you can ride on your way to work. This can make your commute safer and more enjoyable!

  • Have a great lock!
  • E-Bikes have lots of advantages over traditional bikes, but not needing a lock is not one of them. E-Bikes are precious cargo, and will sit waiting for you throughout the duration of the work day- which is why it is important to make sure your bike cannot be touched by thieves! Having a strong lock for when your commute is over will keep your bike safe and secure, and make sure it stays in perfect condition for your commute tomorrow. Happy riding!

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