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22 lug 2022

How to incorporate cycling into your everyday routine

With work, family and other commitments often taking precedence, exercise can sometimes feel like an afterthought in ...

15 giu 2022

Press Release: CYCL's response to the Italian law on mandatory turn signals for electric scooters

La risposta di CYCL alla legge italiana sugli indicatori di direzione obbligatori per i monopattini elettrici CYCL, a...

1 giu 2022

Quali sono le norme per gli indicatori sugli scooter elettrici in italia?

Frecce sui monopattini: analisi della legge e le soluzioni offerte nel mercato. Grazie al testo normativo approvato ...

21 apr 2022

Why our Air Filtering Scarf is an Essential Pollution Protection for Bicycle and E-Scooter Riders

We teamed up with our sister brand, Three Elements - who make accessories for the modern traveller to make the Air F...

21 apr 2022

The Essential Electric Scooter Accessories for Beginners

If you’re an urban commuter like I am, you’ve surely seen the rise of e-scooters all over the cities we call home- an...

21 apr 2022

Top Six Reasons An E-Bike is the Best Way to Commute

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could ease our own commutes and reduce carbon emissions at the same time? A shift toward m...

21 apr 2022

Three Reasons to Choose an Electric Bike

Whether you're getting a bicycle to burn some calories, have a greener commuter or just to get around town, we'll tel...

19 apr 2022

Five Things I Wish I Knew Before Buying An E-Scooter

An electric scooter is a fun and green way to get around. They are light, compact, easy to use, and even go pretty fa...

19 apr 2022

Five Tips to Make the Most of Your E-Bike Commute

E-Biking is the new wave of modern commuting. A happy medium between driving and riding a traditional bike, e-bikes a...

19 apr 2022

CYCL's Top 10 Accessories for Super 73 Bikes

Here are CYCL we are big fans of the Super 73, an electric bicycle that can take you through the city and the mountai...

30 lug 2021

E-Bike versus Electric Scooter: Which One Should You Choose?

As personal electric vehicles become more powerful and affordable, e-bikes and electric scooters are functional and p...

10 mag 2021

Scooter elettrico entry level o di alta gamma, quale fa per te?

Se stai pensando di acquistare il tuo primo monopattino elettrico potresti chiederti quanta differenza faccia il prez...

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