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B2B and Distributors

Working Together for Safer Urban Mobility

If you believe in the power of safer riding you can become a partner or distributor of CYCL bicycle and e-scooter accessories and add our products to your marketplace, retail shop or e-commerce website.
You know your customers best which is why we can work with you to provide the right mix of products that’s right for your business and your community. .

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About CYCL B2B

CYCL make accessories for bicycles and electric scooters that promote safer and greener urban mobility. Our core product is WingLights, indicators and permanent side-lights that highlight your position in the road as well as make your turning intentions clear to other road users.

If you share our passion for getting more people on two wheels and are interested in stocking our products get in touch through the form below. Whether you run an online marketplace, wholesale business, a retail chain or a standalone bricks and mortar store we can find a way to work together so we can help cyclists feel safer.

If you’re an individual looking to work with us through our ambassador and affiliate schemes, click here.

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