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Three Reasons to Choose an Electric Bike

Tre motivi per scegliere una bicicletta elettrica

Whether you're getting a bicycle to burn some calories, have a greener commuter or just to get around town, we'll tell you why you should choose an electric bike! 

  • It takes some of the load off of your legs
  • Electric bikes have gears similar to traditional bikes, the only difference is the electric motor. This means that when you select a higher gear on the bike you will need to put in more effort to get the bike moving but you will find it easier to maintain speed at higher speeds. Whereas if you select a lower gear then you won’t need to put as much effort in to get the bike moving but you would need to pedal really quickly if you’re in a lower gear when going at higher speeds.

    If you are riding a pedal assist e-bike then you will cycle it in much the same way as you would an ordinary e-bike. This type of e-bike works by providing you with some extra power when you are pedaling. When you are pedaling at low speeds the torque sensor that it will be using will cause a smaller amount of power to be provided and if you’re cycling quickly then it will provide you with more power.

  • They typically cost less to maintain than the average bicycle
  • Standard bikes can be tricky to maintain. While the cost to buy them is typically lower than that of an e-bike, maintenance feeds can add up- getting a part replaced, having an oil change, putting air back into tires, the list goes on- bikes take work and work costs money, even if you plan on doing it yourself. This is a general advantage of an electric bike. While the upfront cost is higher, electric bikes are sturdier built and will require significantly less maintenance than an average bicycle- so if you aren’t looking to be beaten down by added fees, an electric bike could be for you.

  • E-Bikes are great for group rides
  • If you’re anything like me, you love going on rides with friends and family to enjoy a nice day. But unfortunately, whenever I go on a ride with my parents, my father is much faster than I am, and I’m a much faster rider than my mother (but don’t tell her that!). By having electric bikes that can change pace based on individually-desired gear setting, you’ll be able to keep up with those around you- or give them an opportunity to keep up with you!

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