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Das Einsteigermodell versus einen hochspezialisierten Elektroroller: Welcher ist der richtige für Sie?

Two of the most popular electric scooters on the roads at the moment are the budget friendly priced Xiaomi Mi Essential electric scooter and the higher end Ninebot Segway G30 Max. Does more money get you a better scooter? This blog looks at both to see whether the Ninebot Max G30 is worth the bigger price tag. 

Xiaomi Essential vs Ninebot Segway G30 Max

The Basics

Let’s start with the obvious, visually both scooters are very similar. Not surprising since they are both manufactured by Ninebot. The Xiaomi Mi Essential is the 2020 updated version of the world’s best-selling electric scooter, the M365. They are both great for city scootering; whether you’re going to the shops or commuting to work. 


The big difference between the Xiaomi Essential and the Ninebot Max G30 is the price:

Xiaomi: £399 (Halfords) | £390 (Pure Electric)
Ninebot: £729 (Halfords) | £729 (Pure Electric)

Xiaomi: Try eBay or Amazon
Ninebot $949 (RevRides) | $799 (RidePanda)

Xiaomi: €424 (FatDaddy) | €329 (PureElectric FR)
Ninebot: €649 (PureElectric FR)

So if you are looking for an electric ride with a budget, Xiaomi may be more suitable. 
Let’s take a deeper look at the specs for the Xiaomi Essential stacked up against the Ninebot Max G30: 

Xiaomi Essential

Ninebot Max G30


12 miles | 20 km

40 miles | 65 km

Max Speed

12.5 miles | 20 km/h

15.5 miles | 25 km/h




Charging Time

3.5 hours

6 hours




Tyre Size

Pneumatic 8.5”

Pneumatic 10”

Water Resistance

IP54 (avoid getting it wet)

IPX5 Water-resistant


Electronic Brake (front) and Disc Brake (back) 

Electronic Brake (back) and Drum Brake (front)

Range and Weight

The main difference between the Xiaomi Essential and the Ninebot G30 Max is the range and therefore the weight/size of the scooter. The Essential has a range of 12.4 (20 km) miles whilst the G30 has a range of 40 miles (65 km) - a big difference! The range comes at the expense of some extra weight: the Essential is 12 kg whilst the Max G30 comes in at 18 kg. That 6 kg difference makes the G30 a lot less portable than other electric scooters on the market including the Xiaomi Essential. Something to consider if you will need to carry your scooter up the stairs or onto public transport.

Range is more of an issue if you’re expecting to regularly take longer journeys. Remember that these are average max ranges and could be impacted by a variety of things including the weight of you (and anything you’re carrying) as well as what type of terrain you’re riding on. More hills will use up more power and therefore impact your range. The Ninebot G30 Max will take hills in its stride but this comes at a financial and weight cost!

The Xiaomi is on the lighter end of the electric scooter scale at just 12 kg, making it easier to carry onto public transport or upstairs. The Ninebot G30 comes in at a hefty 18 kg (it has to store that extra power somewhere!) and takes 6 hours to charge compared to Xiaomi’s 3 hour charge time.

Tyres and Ride Quality

The Xiaomi Essential has 8.5-inch tyres compared to the Ninebot G30’s 10.5-inch tyres. With slightly smaller wheels, you are more likely to feel more bumps in the road and the relative lightness means handling will be a bit more reactive. The Ninebot G30 is a more stable ride helped by the 10’ pneumatic tyres. The longer and wider wheelbase and platform cater to a variety of standing options and contribute to a smoother ride. 


Both models come up very similar here. The Xiaomi Essential has a disc brake on the rear and a regenerative brake on the front. The Ninebot G30 Max uses a drum brake at the front, electronic regenerative brake on the back. Both are controlled by a handlebar lever and give good stopping power. 


The lights and reflectors on Xiaomi are better quality than the Ninebot and the rear light is larger. Since the rear light is on the foot base - the bigger the better for increasing visibility. 

Both the Xiaomi and the Ninebot can benefit from a light upgrade with a pair of WingLights 360 - indicators and position lights. Since rear lights are housed on the platform they are often less visible to other road users. WingLights 360 help solve this problem since they fit into the handlebars and will help improve all-round 360º visibility for scooters. You will need a set of adapters to fit the WingLights onto the e-scooters.


Xiaomi Mi Essential is a great entry-level scooter that equals the Ninebot Max G30 when it comes to ease of use, braking, general safety. There are, of course, clearly some points where the Ninebot outshines the Xiaomi. With the Ninebot G30, you’ll get more range, a more powerful motor and an all-round more comfortable ride - taking hills in its stride. However, if you are looking for a nippy scooter for short journeys then you could save yourself a bit of money by opting for the Xiaomi Mi Essential. 

Ultimately, it comes down to your usage and your budget. If you’re going to be zipping around a flat city on short rides and want something that will charge up quickly and is easy to carry - then the Xiaomi is a great option. However, if you have a little bit more in your budget and know you want a little extra power and comfort - with the option for slightly longer rides - then the Ninebot is a fantastic choice. 

If our budget allowed, we’d definitely opt for the Ninebot G30 Max and beat you to the top of the hill! 

** Xiaomi also released the Mi 1S and Mi Pro 2 at the same time as the Essential and are very similar but boasting a longer range and a slightly higher max speed of 15.5 mph. They are slightly more expensive than the Essential but not as expensive as the Ninebot G30 so if you’re looking for something in between the two discussed in this blog, you may want to check them out. **

Want a full rundown on what to consider when purchasing your first electric scooter? Read the CYCL Electric Scooter Guide for a more detailed guide.

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