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E-Bike versus Electric Scooter: Which One Should You Choose?

E-Bike versus Elektroroller: Welches sollten Sie wählen?

As personal electric vehicles become more powerful and affordable, e-bikes and electric scooters are functional and practical alternatives to public transport and cars. Ready to invest but not sure whether you’re an e-bike or e-scooter person? Read on to see the similarities and differences between the two vehicles to help you make a more informed decision. 

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  • E-scooters tend to be smaller and lighter than the average electric bike. Meaning you can also put them into the boot of a car or take them on board some modes of public transport. 

  • Consider how much space do you have to store your new vehicle? If you don’t have a secure place to leave your e-bike away or would have to carry up flights of stairs in your apartment building - a folding e-bike or e-scooter might be a better option.

  • What will you be using your vehicle for? If it will be just you traveling from a to b with not much luggage or bags - an electric scooter would be great. If you are planning on doing the shopping or taking your kids along - an electric bicycle or cargo bike might be more suitable. 


  • E-bikes are more heavily regulated than e-scooters at the moment and therefore most e-bikes are limited 20mph or 28mph in the US and 15.5mph in Europe.

  • E-scooters are currently less regulated, meaning many e-scooters can currently go over the local e-bike speed limits. However, we advise sticking to similar speeds as e-bikes and staying on paths made for bicycles for your own safety and the safety of other road users. 

  • You’ll usually store your e-scooter indoors meaning you can just pick up and go and take it inside with you when you arrive at your destination. You'll spend a little longer locking up an e-bike

  • Remember, you will be more affected by your weight and anything you’re carrying with you. So if you're always lugging a lot of things in your backpack, an e-bike might help lighten the load. 

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  • Most e-bikes pack better range than scooters - this is because you are doing half the work by pedalling. Most e-bikes have ranges around 40 miles whereas your average entry level scooter will be around 20 miles. 

  • E-bikes might be work better for longer commutes while e-scooters can work as the “last mile” solution if you take it with you on public transport. 


  • E-scooters are generally more affordable than e-bikes. Most entry level scooters will be around the $500/€400 mark including the Xiaomi 1S and the Ninebot E22e.

  • E-bikes come in around the $1000 mark - check out Radbikes.

Of course you can also opt for a plain old non electric bike - we love them! But for some people the extra energy needed to pedal all the way might not be conducive to your 9am meeting or date night. You might also live in a really hilly area or not find traditional bicycles accessible for whatever reason. 

Whether you choose a traditional bicycle, e-bike or e-scooter, stay visible on the roads with WingLights 360 - indiators and position lights that fit into the end of handlebars. They flash bright amber to indicate your direction intentions and remain white front facing and red rear facing for position lights that are visible 360º. 

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