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CYCL's Top 10 Accessories for Super 73 Bikes

CYCL's Top 10 Zubehör für Super 73 Bikes

Here are CYCL we are big fans of the Super 73, an electric bicycle that can take you through the city and the mountains, and look super cool while you do it. 
A game changer in the electric bike world, a Super73 is a versatile bike that can take you anywhere at top speed. But like all bikes, the Super73 is not complete without accessories. In this blog, I’ll be going over the 10 best accessories for your new Super73.

1. Handlebar and frame bags by Blackburn

Blackburn have a wide variety of bags that fit onto the handlebars, bike frame or as a backpack. Store things safely and securely whether you're going for a longer ride or just wanting to load up on groceries. 

2. CYCL Rider Phone Holder

One of the trickiest parts of cycling around a city is trying to using a navigation app on your phone while maintaining focus on the road- and with one hand on a handlebar and the other holding your phone, cycling can feel like an extreme sport. Thankfully, this makes it so you don’t have to balance anything! By clipping this mount onto any part of your handlebars, you can securely perch your phone onto your Super73, making it easy to view your GPS and maintain focus on the road.

3. 2-UP Seat (US only)

One of the few pitfalls of riding a bicycle is that after a bit of steady riding, the seat can become incredibly uncomfortable. The 2-Up Seat offers pristine leather comfort that is sure to make all your future rides feel great.

4. Surf Rack (EU/US)

You'll be able to get to the best surf spot early on your Super 73. Easily attach the rack to your Super73 and place your surfboard in, and you’ll be able to cruise down the coastline like it's nothing.

5. CYCL Winglights 360 

If you’re an urban commuter, Winglights are the perfect addition for your Super73. By sliding right into the ends of each handlebar, a simple tap can make these lights act effectively as a turn signal for your bike, offering a bright surrounding life that protects the safety of yourself and those around you.

Super 73 Bike with WingLights

6. 1UP USA Bike Rack With Fat Tire Kit (US only)

If you plan on driving up to the mountains with your Super73 for a weekend of rugged biking, it is a must to have a solid rack to keep your bike secure during the drive. The 1Up Rack is lightweight, easy to store, easy to attach and will keep your bike in its place for your entire trip.

7. Buwen Bike Mirrors (Amazon)

If you're going to be whizzing around town, having rear view mirrors can help you stay safe while you're cruising. These Buwen handlebar mirrors clip onto your handlebar (leaving space in the handlebar hollows for your WingLights. We also like the option of a 360º rotation. 

8. Bike Cover (US/EU)

If you're storing your bike outside, even for a short while, you might want to grab a bicycle cover. For European customers, our pals at Bike Parka have a trusty bike covers in various sizes to suit your bike. If you store your bike inside and want to keep your home clean between rides, check out Velo Sock who sell indoor bicycle covers! For US customers, we love FifthStart Bicycle cover that has double stitched sealed seams and unique breath valves.

9. Oury Grips 

Oury Handlebar Grips for Super 73

Looking for a little extra grip strength for those big hills? These grips slide right       over the handlebars for maximum hand comfort and minimal movement.

10. Decal Kit (US only)

Of course, on a list of accessories, I couldn’t go without adding a little style to your Super73. If you want to decorate your bike a bit, these decals are a low cost, low effort solution to make you look snazzier as you cruise around town.

This isn't an exhaustive list, we could have included more lighting features to improve your visibility, helmets (for Super 73 riders we recommend a full head helmet similar to those motorcyclists use), bells to let people know you're coming as well as loads of different ways to customise your bike. 

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