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Fünf Wege, wie die WingLights Ihnen helfen können, auf einem E-Scooter zu signalisieren

You’ve found the perfect electric scooter to suit your personality, decked it out in the latest accessories, found your balance and now you’re ready to hit the street. You’re cruising along and then suddenly you’ve got to turn… And you think… How do I signal safely on an e-scooter? 

Removing an arm or hand to signal could easily unbalance most riders which put both you and other road users in danger. Moreover, with electric scooters being relatively new to the roads, many other road users may not be used to understanding how people riding e-scooters signal to make their turning intentions clear. 

That’s where WingLights come in. They fit into the handlebars and allow you to signal your direction intentions clearly to other road users using bright amber LED lights. Just one tap and the WingLights flash brightly notifying those around you about your presence and turning intentions. 

How WingLights solves the problem of signalling on electric scooters

WingLights are bright and highly visible

WingLights are bright and highly visible

With one tap to the button at the end of the WingLights, they will flash bright amber, clearly displaying your direction intention to other road users. Each indicator has a brightness of 48 lumens powered by 2 extra bright power-efficient orange LEDs.


Removing your hand (or foot!) from the handlebar or e-scooter can be very dangerous. It could make you wobble or even lose your balance which can be dangerous when on the road sharing space with other road users and vehicles. You can use your little finger to activate the light and keep both hands on the handlebars as you signal.

They’re at eye level

Because WingLights fit into the handlebars of your electric scooter, they are at a natural eye level to other road users and can be seen from all angles. By mimicking the light signals that other motor vehicles use can mean WingLights are more natural to other road users.

WingLights 360 offer all-round 360º visibility

You can add an extra layer of visibility with the WingLights 360º model which also features a permanent light feature with white front-facing and red rear-facing light options when amber indicator lights are not being used.

A more cautious approach from drivers

WingLights are proven to elicit a more cautious approach from other road users.

A study carried out by Brunel University in 2020 showed that when WingLights were tested out on bicycles in comparison to other light indication devices and hand signals, they elicited a more cautious approach from drivers. The study saw that drivers were slower to approach the rider when handlebar end lights were being used. 

WingLights (amber indicators only) start from €29.99/$37.00 and WingLights 360 (with permanent position light feature) start from €49.99/$61.00. Mag models offer the option to easily unclip the lights if you are leaving your e-scooter outside. 

Please note that WingLights will fit without issues into handlebars with round hollows 14.7mm - 23mm. If your handlebar is not hollow then you will require an additional adaptor to ensure the safest fit. Please contact our support team if you need further guidance. 

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