Will the fabric’s filtration properties wear down over time, or with washing?

You can hand wash the CYCL Pollution Scarf any time. The nanofiber filter is washable, which is one of its best benefits. The efficiency of the nanofiber filter will decrease over time depending on the environment and how frequently you use it and wash it. You can count on perfect pollution protection for 7-12 months (or up to 50 washes) dependent on use.

If you use the Scarf for protection against dust smog or allergens, it is sufficient to wash it after several days of intensive wear. To achieve protection against viruses, bacteria or mites, it is recommended to wash it after a single use – otherwise there could be a risk that the micro-organism intercepted by the filter would spread and multiply.

We recommend that you hand wash with water temperature under 30C and air dry only. Use a gentle soap but do not use fabric conditioner or iron as this could impact the effectiveness of the product.

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