Is the Face Guard Pollution Scarf a good alternative to a face mask?

The CYCL Face Guard Pollution Scarf does not belong to the equipment for the medical or professional use that would be certified by official standards, but when it is used properly it is an effect shield against airborne diseases. The development and product of the filter is carried out in the EU, specifically Czech Republic and Poland.

While nanofiber face masks belong to a one-time equipment category, because of its wash-ability, the Face Guard Pollution Scarf can be used repeatedly. The filter is covered by a special textile layer which makes it more durable in terms of wear and care. If you use the Scarf for protection against dust smog or allergens, it is sufficient to wash it after several days of intensive wear. To achieve protection against viruses, bacteria or mites, it is recommended to wash it after a single use – otherwise there could be a risk that the micro-organism intercepted by the filter would spread and multiply. A similar recommendation applies in the case of an illness where you protect others from yourself (e.g. when people around you have a weakened immune system after illness).

The Scarf can be a cheaper and more eco friendly option than single use face masks. In addition, to achieve the highest level of protection, it is necessary to stick to the basic principles of hygiene, washing hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds and using antibacterial gels when soap and water is not available. Also, avoid touching your face and eyes during times of flu or similar infectious disease. Avoiding places where there is a possibility of getting infected.

If you want to wear the Scarf continuously, we recommend getting two, while you are wearing one, the other one is being washed or drying out.

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