Whats the difference between WingLights v1,v2 and v3?

We have now released the 3rd version of Winglights Fixed and WingLights Mag. The 3rd version of both models is more visible to motorists and has a longer battery life thanks to the use of brighter and more energy efficient orange LEDs and an orange-tinted transparent shield instead of white LEDs and an orange shield. […]

Are WingLights suitable for e-scooters?

Yes! We recommend using our WingLights E-scooter Adaptor for the best fit and pairing it with the WingLights 360 Fixed or Mag so you have the added benefit of sidelights (white = forward facing, red = rear facing) lights as well indicators. The permanent sidelight function available on the 360 models means the width of […]

Are WingLights suitable for any handlebars?

Our current WingLights models are designed for straight (sometimes referred to as flat) handlebars and curved handlebars with a maximum curvature of 30°. While they are not designed to be compatible with drop bars, bullhorn handlebars, or cruise bars, we are currently in the process of designing a range of mounts suitable for these varieties

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