What are BFE, VFE and PFE, and what is the importance of them?

According to the standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), masks need to pass various filtration efficiency tests before they are launched on the market and be clearly marked on the packaging. Most masks in the United States pass the Nelson Laboratory Standard to test the filter rate of masks. European, Taiwan […]

Do I need to replace the nanofiber filter? If so, how often?

You don’t have to worry about buying any filters with the CYCL Pollution Scarf. The technology is washable so we recommend hand washing occasionally. The filter’s lifetime really depends on the environment and how often you use it. You can count on perfect pollution protection for 7-12 months (or up to 50 washes).

How does the scarf sit securely on my face?

When designing, close attention was paid to nose-cheek and below-chin parts. The construction of the scarf insures that there are no gaps, thanks to the overall shape, elements, length and other design characteristics. When worn correctly, the air should only pass through the area of the Scarf with the nanofiber membrane in the front area. […]

How do I wear the Pollution Scarf?

Pull the scarf over your head so it sits around your neck. Pull the scarf up around your face when in use. To achieve 100% of the Face Guard Pollution Scarf filtration efficiency, it must be worn so that its rectangular filter shields your mouth and nose. To ensure a tight fit you must adjust […]

How do I wash and care for the Pollution Scarf?

We recommend handwashing your Pollution Scarf. It must be washed very carefully as not to damage the nanofiber filter (wash it softly in water with soap or gentle washing detergent). Do not use bleach, softeners or other aggressive detergents. Do not try the Scarf in a dryer and do not iron it. Let the Scarf […]

What is the CYCL Face Guard Pollution Scarf?

An anti-pollution filter and scarf in one, Face Guard Pollution Scarf provides protection from smog, dust, and allergens whilst keeping your neck warm. A nanofiber membrane is integrated into the scarf which filters particles and pollution. Designed with comfort, utility and everyday use in mind; it has an adjustable nose strip and elastic closure to […]

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