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Agostino Stilli
Founder & CTO


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Electric Vehicle Distribution


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CYCL is a diverse team dedicated to improving the safety of cyclists worldwide. We truly believe in the benefits of cycling as a primary mode of transport; from improved health and fitness to a cleaner environment.
The company was founded in 2014 by Luca Amaduzzi, who first came up with the idea for bicycle indicators after experiencing the danger of London’s traffic from a cyclist’s’ perspective. Along with childhood friend and PhD student Agostino Stilli, Luca began designing the first WingLights model.

My first few years in London I biked everywhere. As anyone who has done the same will tell you, being ignored and nearly hit by motorists is the norm for cyclists. Frustrated, I turned to the internet for a solution. What I found was a large gap in the market. On one side there were hand signals: archaic, destabilising in nature, and at times downright dangerous. On the other side there was a range of cheaply made indicators, complicated in installation and illogical in design. Shortly after my realization I began discussing with my close friend and engineer Agostino Stilli about designing high-quality direction indicators for bikes. From there, WingLights were born.
.” – Luca Amaduzzi

CYCL’s ultimate aim is to create a multitude of high quality, innovative cycling accessories for people that love to get out on their bikes.

CYCL est une équipe composée de divers profils qui a pour objectif d’améliorer les conditions de sécurité des cyclistes dans le monde entier. Nous pensons vraiment que prendre le vélo pour nos trajets quotidiens apporte des bienfaits non négligeables sur notre santé et notre forme physique ainsi que sur l’environnement.

Notre entreprise a été fondée en 2014 par Luca Amaduzzi, qui trouva l’idée de WingLights après avoir expérimenté les dangers de la route à Londres du point de vue d’un cycliste. Avec le reste de l’équipe, Luca veut créer une multitude d’accessoires pour vélo qui soient à la fois innovants et de haute qualité pour tous les amoureux de vélo.


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