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How to incorporate cycling into your everyday routine

Comment intégrer le vélo dans votre quotidien

With work, family and other commitments often taking precedence, exercise can sometimes feel like an afterthought in our everyday routines. Fortunately, there are many forms of exercise that can boost your fitness without taking up too much time. One of the most popular is cycling.

Whether you’re looking to play your part in saving the planet, or are simply looking to improve your physical fitness and mental wellbeing, cycling can offer so many benefits. If you’re looking to take up the hobby, but are concerned about finding the time in your busy schedule, here are four ways you can incorporate cycling into your daily routine.


If you live close enough to the office, and it’s safe to do so, why not switch out your car or public transport for the bike? Cycling to work is a great way to get your biking fix without eating into too much of your free time. 

However, you’ll want to be sure your workplace has the necessary facilities to accommodate anyone looking to cycle to work. These will include changing rooms and showers, as well as safe storage options for your bike during the day.

If you’re still working from home, why not fake your commute in the morning and after work? Use the free time before work to get out on the bike and prepare yourself for the day. Not only will you feel the physical benefits, but bookending your home working day like this can help you to be productive throughout, and switch off from your professional duties in the evening. 

man riding bike to work

Cycle from home

Over the past couple of years, we’ve all been getting used to doing things from home a little more often. Whether that’s working, socialising, or exercising, we’ve all tried to find ways to maintain a sense of normality throughout the covid years. But even as we come out of the pandemic, there are some good habits you may have adopted that shouldn’t be forgotten, and this could include your home exercise routine. 

When it comes to cycling, modern technology offers so many different options for people looking to test their pedal power from the comfort of their home. Many indoor exercise bikes even come complete with a digital monitor that allows you to connect with instructors and other riders from all around the world. Having the option to cycle at home will be more convenient for many people – particularly those who live busy lives or are anxious about exercising in public – and it may help you to establish a more consistent routine.

woman on indoor bicycle

Go on a family bike ride 

If spending precious time with your family is an important part of everyday life for you, then why not use this time for a quick cycling adventure? You don’t have to go far, but cycling is a great way to explore the great outdoors with your loved ones. It also provides the perfect opportunity to teach the children about road safety, and the importance of getting your daily exercise done.

family bicycle ride

Join a club

If you’re serious about your cycling, and want to improve your physical fitness in a more social setting, consider joining a local cycling club. Having the added motivation of cycling with others could instil more discipline and result in cycling becoming a standard part of your everyday routine. Participate regularly in the club meetings, and you may find getting out on a bike becomes easier and more enjoyable with every ride.

group bicycle ride


This article was made in collaboration with The Bike Storage Company.

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